The reason for visiting this show that happens on the Island of Wight is something that can determine whether someone will appear there. The costs of traveling and accommodation aren’t high, but the amount of time you will spend away from home is substantial. This article is one of the many that will tell you what you will see when you visit this as well as many other shows. It will include all kinds of info regarding events as well as boats and manufacturers you can see at this show.

It’s all about boats and events

RIBEX, as well as other shows, are all about presenting new ships to the public and organizing various activities that showcase all features of those machines.  The difference between this and many other subpar shows is that it focuses on demonstrations rather than a simple showcase. You can still buy products during RIBEX as every brand offers the option to get a detailed inquiry about every product they present. This, of course, includes prices and ways you can buy it.

Those interested in specific brands can check the full list of manufacturers on the official site of the show. The site has detailed explanations about every participant as well as some of the things they will bring to the event.

Some parts won’t contain detailed explanations as they are best seen live. This refers to some of the events and reveals that teams and brands prefer to do on shows like RIBEX. We also try to give you as much of that info as it is possible in a condensed state, as not everyone is willing to browse through pages upon pages of info.

Presentation and interaction

One of the most significant parts of this show, apart from extraordinary events that happen every day, is the interaction between visitors and manufacturers and teams. Every team, as well as every boat manufacturer, offers a window of time where anyone can talk to them about everything they are doing at the moment. They also share concepts and features they plan to add in their new products.

Engine manufacturers, as well as companies that produce other elements of every boat, are getting more attention which is a direct result of increasing their presence in the marketing space. People that are interested in fine details regarding engines and other parts of the ship can get their dose of knowledge from people that make those engines.