The world of powerboat racing is enormous as it spans over half a dozen of categories that all have their leagues and championships. Shows like RIBEX do a pretty good job of introducing some of them to an audience that knows little to nothing about how everything works in this industry. But, if you want to get some accurate news about specific decisions and events that happen throughout the season, then blogs like ours are a great option. We tend to share the latest news from this world as well as relevant sources that publish what teams and manufacturers decide to do.

Initial changes in the F2 for 2019 season

This pre-season period is ripe with news regarding all things in this sport, from lineup changes to new features that organization is about to bring. News you will read here is but a snippet of everything you will learn about F2 as well as other classes before the season starts. Info arrives from everywhere, and it’s hard to keep track of everything. The best way to approach this is to focus on huge news which is why we want to share one or two pieces of info that have a high impact on the upcoming season.

The first data regarding team member changes come from Gordon Cook, as he confirmed being a part of the Szymura for the 2019 season. This comes after a year of sitting back and enjoying as Gordon Cook chose to take a break from racing after he raced for Emirates Racing Team in F1H2o class. His first experience with Szymura came last week when he took their machine to a test. The results he achieved were promising, and all parties are eager to start the season.

Huge news that will have an enormous impact on the F2 is the change of control over UIM to International Governing Body. This decision came easily as F2 is one of the most competitive powerboat classes. The goal of this change is to increase the number and the quality of venues for F2 races. The real impact of this change will be felt in the following seasons as this whole class will get a significant boost to the availability of venues from year to year.

Other pre-season powerboat racing news

Big news for Foa in his UKOPRA 2019 season as he gains partners in renowned Laurent-Perrier from Champagne. This will make three races where Foa will appear quite attractive to follow as they bring their 30’ Pascoe RIB to the front. They will also perform at World Pleasure Navigation race in Spain.

Team Australia XCAT is bound to get a new owner as this brand is for sale. The interest in this team is quite high as the purchase comes with everything the buyer needs to compete at the highest levels. The bid to buy this team is already heating up as many companies want a strong contender in the following seasons. Whoever purchases Team Australia XCAT will increase the quality of the season as competition will have to improve their results to keep up.