Can I stay on the Island?

There is a good variety of accommodation available on the Isle of Wight, ranging from hotels and guesthouses to chalets and caravan parks. For exhibitors or for visitors who wish to combine a holiday with visiting the show, or stay overnight and extend their visit.


Should I stay on the island?

If you want to enjoy in all the events that this show can offer, then you should stay on the island. This also applies to people that want to check out all boats from every manufacturer that sends their products to the show.

Some people think that it’s possible to see everything and enjoy the whole festival and still travel to the island every single day. But, they don’t know what they are talking about because this introduces restrictions that diminish the overall enjoyment. The Isle of Wight offers excellent accommodations for everyone. The number of options is increasing every year which helps people find great places to stay and enjoy.